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Re-Wild You 
... Extraordinary retreats & workshops for professional women


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Andrea Michal
Author & Entrepreneur
Andrea is a coach and mentor to professional women who
are seeking purpose and balance. Andrea guides
women to realign their emotional, physical and spiritual self by awakening one’s unique qualities and core values
to realize their full potential in today’s challenging and
beautiful world. Andrea is the author of 
guidebook and teaching memoir 'Encounter The Light,' and
is currently working on her second book
'Beacon of Light, the 14 Keys to Unlock the Light
within You,' to be published this year.


Patti Baral

Naturalist & Former Investment Banker

Patti grew up in the wilds of northern Canada and created a

high-powered investment banking career in Russia & Europe.

Her desire to return to nature was fuelled by her need to lay positive foundations in raising a family. She diversified her career, working 

on the Olympics, and high profile music concerts. A former chair and board member of environmental organizations and an active

member in her community on climate change initiatives. Delving into film, she has studied the female perspective of the masculine and

the means to 'Know thyself,' a key to creating harmony within all relationships, including with oneself. Her capacity to lead guided practices into the psyche and the subconscious has opened the

lives of many. Patti leads a productive, natural and

spiritually grounded life on an island in British Columbia.

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Danijela Zakic

Yoga Instructor

Danijela's twenty years of practicing yoga has been a personal evolution in her physical and spiritual health. She

introduces and celebrates the wisdom of yoga to share

its benefits with participants in a tangible and measurable

way. "Yoga has influenced my desire to connect to

myself and live a healthy life from the heart." 
Her classes bring a sense of empowerment through intention, physical postures, and concentration. Guiding participants

to step into the strength of their own body-mind connection,

one can overcome typical limitations of the mind.

Danijela provides tools to connect to your heart and experience the journey and the joy of life towards health and balance.

Meredith Klein

Chef & Author

With a passion for healthy mindful eating Meredith Klein is

the founder of Pranaful and a Los Angeles-based chef and lifestyle coach who is passionate about helping individuals experience radical transformation through the practices

of healthy, mindful eating. She creates internationally-inspired, Ayurvedically-influenced, organic cuisine.
Meredith's food is regularly showcased at yoga and mindful

living events across the country and has consulted

with restaurants in Los Angeles for the design of healthy

vegan and vegetarian menu options. Meredith is the

author of 'Kitchen Ritual: Recipes to Inspire the

Art & Practice of Mindful Cooking.'

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