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Re-Wild You
Re-Wild You
... Design an extraordinary retreat or workshop for professional women
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Designing your own retreat for Professional Women

Andrea Michal is a coach, mentor, workshop and retreat facilitator for professional women. With her team of event producers, Andrea designs workshop and retreat programs that ignite women’s path of purpose and balance. Retreats and workshops are designed to provide guidance to realign women emotionally, physically and spiritually; awakening one’s unique qualities and core values

to realize one’s full potential in today's busy and challenging world.

Visit Andrea's website for a list of workshop and retreat programs designed for professional women wishing to create

a moving and life-changing experience for yourself and the women who surround you.

Sample past retreat


“The Re-Wild You retreat was a wonderful weekend of pure joy, relaxation and insight into oneself. It was a beautiful journey of self-love and self-care. I am so happy I made it a priority in my life. Thank you Andrea and all the participants for making it so magical."



"I admire the work you are doing in our life and the way you choose to live authentically. Im honoured to meet and spend more time with such a beautiful woman who both aligns and inspires my path." 



"Andrea Michal's Re-Wild You Retreat was an experience where Andrea skillfully created a safe environment where I could share my insecurities with other women in a safe very supported milieu. Andrea held our group in such loving supportive energy, we cried and laughed together as we discussed and journaled through different themes guided by her. I loved the daily yoga practices, led by Danijela Zakic and tried Yoga Nidra for the first time—it is my new favourite form of deep relaxation! For me it was a three-day journey of moving closer into my feminine self with gratitude! 

I wish I could do it every 6 months :)"

-Nilla, Los Angeles

In this retreat, you will reconnect to your innate feminine, while recognizing the integrity and importance of your

masculine attributes of drive, strength and dignity. We will re-energize the parts of you that are alive but may be clouded

by the day-to-day or the conditioning bestowed upon you from our cultural upbringing and society.


Many aspects of yourself will be brought to awareness and if they need healing, this will be your opportunity

to do so. If they need rejuvenation, you will feel it!  

We will nourish our bodies, mind and spirit at the beautiful Twin Creek Ranch — luxurious white architecture, appointed

with a contemporary style. This spectacular setting in Ojai is incredibly rejuvenating.


Local and organic cuisine is provided by renowned chef, Meredith Klein, who will share her practices of

mindfulness and healthy, conscious eating to feel radiantly alive.

 The property hosts spa, pool, orchards, and panoramic views. With daily yoga to suit all levels and guided workshops

delving into your whole and wild self, there is much to look forward to. 


The workshops will give you an opportunity to enter into a community with like-minded women. Our time together

will create harmony and strengthen the female relationships and bonds we all share.

The goal of this retreat is to empower you to embody your natural state, and provide you with grace and

ease in a world in which so many of us feel alone. 

Author and life coach, Andrea Michal and naturalist and former investment banker, Patti Baral, are both experienced and

supportive female leaders. They will safely mentor and guide you back to your true nature.

We will explore our lives with sincerity, honesty and compassion, so we can live more, be more,

love more … as we anchor ourselves in a life full of authenticity and meaning.




 The Workshops — Anchoring the past, embodying the present and gathering tools to embrace your future;

Women as Leaders — Wisdom Circle 

Ancestral Journey

Children of Survivors — Healing wounds of injustice and trauma

Creating an Ethical Will — A blueprint of your legacy

The Masculine and Feminine Within

Self-Care — experiential tools to nourish your body and soul

Reflection, Connection & Expression

Harness Your Vision — Return to your true nature


Enjoy healthy, organic meals created by renowned chef Meredith Klein 

Three nights of beautiful accommodation at Twin Creek Ranch


Morning yoga (all levels), spa-pool, hiking, exploration — experience nature and beauty for your body and being


All-inclusive retreat ranging from $975 – $135o depending on accommodation selection 


Reconnect to a fulfilled, calm and passionate you.

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